For the Ultimate Osaka Experience

THE RISE came to life in Kitashinchi, an area at the heart of Osaka.
For guests coming to Osaka for business or travel, our hotel delivers not only a comfortable,
top-quality experience surpassing traditional business hotels but also the chance to enjoy some wonderful surprises
and the best Osaka has to offer.


The luxurious interior adds color to your Osaka night,
while airweave products wrap you in a comfortable slumber.
Enjoy a quality stay beyond all your expectations.


Breakfast is an essential part of any active day.
Our breakfast centers on Chinese congee to boost immunity and soothe the stomach and is served with 9 side dishes carrying all the nutrients necessary for good health.


A perfect room for everyone.
Whether it be rooms connected by an adjoining door for groups of four or more or Japanese-western rooms for guests looking to take off their shoes and relax, we offer a lineup of accommodations to meet any of our guests' needs.


Aspiring to be the hotel of choice when visiting Osaka,
we offer our warmest hospitality
in delivering guests a truly unforgettable stay.


Group Hotel